Monday, February 15, 2010

Acorn Cap hat (adult)

This is a variation on my original pattern for the Acorn Baby Hat  made for adults.  I made one for a friend's baby and REALLY wanted one for ME!  I used a bulky yarn, cast on 76 stitches, and it's the perfect size.  If you decide to try this, you may want to do some math first... I didn't think on how to decrease when I cast on and thought I was in a real pickle at the end.  What I ended up doing was decrease one, which left me with 75 stitches, and then started the real decreasing after that... in increments of 5.  Feh, math!  It turned out fine, the moss stitch is very forgiving and takes to decreasing well.  What you do is decrease with knitting two together, and then continue the pattern as you go, even if the next stitch would be a knit.  Just do it!  If you like this pattern, follow the Acorn Baby Hat and cast on as many as you need to achieve the right size.

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