Saturday, January 9, 2010

Acorn Baby Hat

Nowhere on line was there a satisfying pattern for an acorn hat that actually looked like an acorn cap.  So I had to invent one!  This was the first ever pattern I have improvised, and I am delighted! The hat was made for a friend's baby that truly looks like a little acorn faerie.  At 4 months old, this should be the perfect thing to complete her.  As soon as I get a picture of her wearing it, I will include that on here.

I knitted this in the round, with a moss stitch.  It looks exactly as I hoped it would, with the right acorn cap texture!  It knitted up in a day, a quick and satisfying present.

Red Heart Soft Yarn (140 g/ 256 yards) in Chocolate (color 9344)
US 9 DPN needles
Tapestry or darning needle
Place marker

20 st and 33 row = 4 X 4 inches

This pattern is intended for infants 4 to 8 months of age and totally depends on the size of the baby's noggin.  If you are making it for a newborn, I suggest casting on 54 sts and modifying the pattern from there; for an older child, cast on more (in an even number.)  It's a pretty simple pattern, fairly easy to adapt.  This pattern involves a "moss stitch" which you can reference if it's too confusing.  I've included a picture of a scarf I did in this stitch.

CO 60 sts
Join in the round, careful not to twist; PM at first stitch and begin the pattern from the first row.
Rows 1, 2: *[K, P] *repeat to marker.
Rows 3, 4: *[P, K] * repeat to marker.
This should give you an alternating purl-purl, knit-knit stack in the rows, to give the acorn's textured appearance.

Continue in this pattern for roughly 4 inches before beginning your decrease.
To decrease:
1. *K2 tog, [pattern] 10 sts  *repeat to marker.  [54 sts]
Basically, always K2tog, and look at what your pattern is doing at the following stitch- K or P as you would.  Yes, your decrease will have a rightwards slant, giving you a swirl, but it looks great.
2. *K2tog, [pattern] 9 sts  *repeat to marker.  [48]
3. *K2tog, [pattern] 8 sts  *repeat to marker  [42]
4. *K2tog, [pattern] 7 sts  *repeat to marker  [36]
5. *K2tog, [pattern] 6 sts *repeat to marker  [30]
6. *K2tog, [pattern] 5 sts *repeat to marker  [24]
7. *K2tog, [pattern] 4 sts *repeat to marker  [18]
8. *K2tog, [pattern] 3 sts *repeat to marker  [12]
9  *K2tog, [pattern] 2 sts  *repeat to marker [6]

Now that you have 6 sts left, just knit only until you have the length of stem you like.  Then break off the yarn and pull through your remaining 6 sts.  Use a tapestry needle (or even a crochet hook) to pull the tail through the center of the stem down into the WS, and pull tight to make the top of the stem tight.  Knot and weave the ends into the WS of the hat.  Weave your original CO tail into the hat and you're done!

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  1. I made this hat for my DS while I was pregnant and he is now 7 months old :) I love this hat but didn't pin the site or bookmark or anything! I've been searching like crazy trying to find you and I'm so excited that I did! Bookmarking now!

    Little bits head is getting larger so I'm making him a new one. His older brother wants to match so I'll be making him one too :)

    Thank you so much for this pattern.