Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cloth Menstrual Pads

I started out sewing long before I began to knit... I was taught to sew when I was 6, and learned the machine at 8.  Combine this life-long love of crafting with a deep  need to recycle, preserve, conserve and you have a creative hippie chick! 
Anyway I hate buying tampons and pads.  I use sea sponges as "tampons" and that helps, but I find my cramps are worse with an insert and sometimes I just want a pad.  I've always wanted Glad Rags but found them terribly expensive... then it occurred to me, why don't I just sew some?

Why not?

These photos are of the first one I made.  The tartan, a super soft yummy flannel, goes against the skin.  The skully flannel is soft too, and that goes against the undies, and the wings snap together to keep it in place.

I searched the web and found a few great sites with free patterns and advice, such as:
and more or less improvised my own pattern. 

I don't bleed heavily, and can get away with pantyliners most of the time, so I used one as a template.  I used flannel, and an old washcloth as the "batting" on the inside (one layer thick).  I wanted to try it with a binding on the edge, but it looks a little messy so I think I'll stick with overedging with the serger next time.  It's very comfy!  I hated the sticky wings on the disposables that could sometimes snag an unsuspecting poor hair... who needs the band-aid treatment when you're already feeling sorry for yourself???

If you want to make some, visit those sites, they're super easy!  I even saw a knitted one!  I'm not sure that would be comfy; maybe?
Happy Moontime!

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