Sunday, January 31, 2010

Great Kilt for Alex

He's been pining for a great kilt for quite some time and we found a "homespun" fabric at Jo-Ann's that seemed to fit the bill.  We had a great coupon, and he got to say "I'll take the whole 9 yards!" at the cutting counter.  The instructions for making a great kilt were found on-line; Alex did the pleating, the pinning and all the cutting; I did the stay seams at the side for fray-checking, the long center seam, and a cheating seam to keep the pleats.

We made it the traditional way which is two strips 4.5 yards long that are sewn together.  Traditionally the looms to make the tartan were only 30" wide, so they had to sew it across the center (lengthwise) to make it the appropriate size; for the great kilt goes to the knees and should be draped accordingly so that the top piece may be used as a cloak or what have you, for extra warmth.  So instead of two even pieces this kilt has the seam hidden under the beltline (because the fabric was 47", and we can), as well as the cheatin' pleat line.  I did not use a serger this time but seamed it straight and then tacked down the seam edges to either side.  It made for a very neat and tidy garment.  A few washings and the edges will fringe out nicely! It looks quite smashing on him, too!

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